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Issue No. 47, April 2014

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TOP TRENDS: Lighting Magazine Highlights Home Lighting Style

"The Better Show" recently featured a segment showcasing the top lighting trends and the 2014 issue of Lighting magazine, published by Better Homes and Gardens and the American Lighting Association . A nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show, "The Better Show" focuses on a variety of issues related to home and family life.

View the 4-minute video to get some new ideas for your home.

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The editor of Lighting magazine talks about the top lighting trends.

INSPIRING IDEAS: ALA Offers Complimentary Copies of Lighting 

To find design inspiration for your home, you need look no further than the 2014 issue of Lighting magazine. The new magazine features before-and-after transformations that show how lighting can completely give your home a whole new look. Also included are many photos and design tips.

For example, one way to mix different types of fixtures is to select items made of a consistent material, such as stainless steel. Also, updated materials in contemporary light fixtures include diverse choices like textured glass, wood grain, or even leather.

For more home lighting ideas, you may request a complimentary copy of Lighting from ALA, or simply view the magazine online.

Pick up your free copy of Lighting magazine at an ALA-member store.

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Lighting cov 2014
Request a complimentary copy of Lighting magazine or view it online.

EXPERT ADVICE: Want More Ideas? Ask a Lighting Professional. 

What is the best kind of light fixture to use on a vaulted ceiling?    - Emma W.

In a room with a vaulted ceiling, it is best to use fixtures that can be adjusted downward, so that they cast light both upward and downward. Many pendants and chandeliers will work well in that type of space. Lights that are too close to the ceiling can create shadows.

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