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Issue No. 8, May 2010

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Combine the Right Types of Lighting for Your Space

Transform Functional into Elegant
Enter to Win a $5,000 Lighting Makeover

Put Your Kitchen in the Best Light
As a central gathering spot, your kitchen needs the right light to function as a space for dining, entertaining, meeting and working.

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RIGHT LIGHT: Combine the Right Types of Lighting for Your Space 

While the average size of new homes is shrinking, the average kitchen size is growing. Just because a space is large, don't just add more and larger lights. Use a minimum of three types of lighting. For example, using just rows of recessed lighting in today's large kitchens will make the space seem very flat and one-dimensional. You need a combination, such as recessed with undercabinet or sconce lighting. Also, include at least one decorative element, such as a drum shade in the breakfast nook or mini pendants over the island.

For expert advice on choosing the best light fixtures for your kitchen, click here to find your local American Lighting Association member showroom.

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SPLASH LIGHT: Transform Functional into Elegant

Accent lighting can make the difference between a space that is purely functional and one that is elegant. One simple technique is to put LED strip lighting on top of cabinets or in the toe-kick of base cabinets. This is a good method for creating indirect lighting that is ideal for entertaining.

LED lighting is fast-becoming an excellent option for kitchens, with LED bulbs available as undercabinet fixtures and even recessed lighting. LED has the same benefits of compact fluorescent, except that the bulbs last much longer.

To learn more about LED lighting and all the latest, most stylish energy-efficient lighting fixtures, visit an ALA-member showroom near you.

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BRIGHT TIPS: Enter to Win a $5,000 Home Lighting Makeover

Click here to enter to win a $5,000 Home Lighting Makeover and to request your free copy of the 2010 Lighting magazine. Lighting magazine, presented by the American Lighting Association and Better Homes & Gardens, is a great resource for home decorating ideas and trends. While Lighting magazine is also available on newsstands and in bookstores for $6.99, you can  request your free copy today from the ALA.

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