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Issue No. 59, August 2015

Regency Ceiling Fans
Regency Ceiling Fans

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Fall is on the way, which is a good time to give your AC a rest and rely on ceiling fans to keep you cool, calm and collected.

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COOL TIP: Blow Off the Heat by Turning on a Ceiling Fan

Cooler temperatures make this the perfect time to turn off your air conditioner and turn on a ceiling fan to start saving energy and money.

Sept. 18 marks the third annual National Ceiling Fan Day (NCFD), which promotes reduced energy consumption. If every American participates in NCFD by turning off their AC and using fans for their cooling needs, the United States will save enough energy to power the entire city of New York for months. And it saves money too. Operating a fan can cost as little as $1 per month. That is quite a savings compared to approximately $100 per month to run an AC unit in a typical home.

Initiated by fan manufacturer Fanimation, NCFD is supported by the American Lighting Association (ALA), many ALA members and leading energy conservation groups. In conjunction with NCFD, some ALA-member fan retailers are offering discounts to consumers. You can find a list of local ALA-member fan retailers online at


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INSPIRING IDEAS: ALA Offers Complimentary Copies of Lighting 

The 2015 issue of Lighting magazine is the best go-to resource for home lighting and design inspiration. The magazine features before-and-after transformations that show how lighting can completely give your home a whole new look. Also included are many photos and design tips.

For example, the type of ceiling fan blade placement will affect the motor size? Longer, sharply angled blades need a bigger motor, while shorter, flatter blades require a less powerful one. That can help you decide whether you need to send extra money on a bigger motor.

For more home lighting ideas and ceiling fan information, you may request a complimentary copy of Lighting from ALA, or simply view the magazine online. Lighting is also available for purchase on newsstands.

Pick up your free copy of Lighting magazine at an ALA-member store.

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Request your complimentary copy of Lighting magazine or view it online.

EXPERT ADVICE: Want More Ideas? Ask a Lighting Professional. 

What is the right size ceiling fan for an 11-by-10-foot dining room with an 8-foot ceiling and a 48-inch round table?    - Irene O.

The ceiling fan should not be larger than 12 inches less than the width of your table, so your fan should be approximately 36 inches in diameter. However, because your fan will hang higher than a typical chandelier, you could go up to a 42- or 48-inch ceiling fan. To find the most appropriate and aesthetically pleasing fan for your home, visit an ALA-member showroom. There, you will find professionally trained personnel and a large selection of ceiling fans and light kits.

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