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Issue No. 25, Dec. 2011

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CHANGE UP: Get a Whole New Look in One Easy Step 

There is an easy way to bring out the architectural details of your home, make rooms appear larger, and brighten the ambiance in any space: update your lighting. If a total redo is not in your budget this year, there is a much less expensive, yet effective, solution.

In the kitchen, for example, rather than break the bank by replacing the countertops, floor and cabinets, just change out an outdated lighting fixture. This can perk up the place with a fresh, updated design that becomes a functional focal point. In a room that only has recessed lighting, you can completely transform the look by adding a decorative fixture.

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PERSONAL PIZZAZ: Create Your Unique Space with a Portable Fixture 

It is simple, quick and inexpensive to personalize your room with a distinctive portable lamp. Think of a lamp as an accessory to your space that not only provides light, but creates a certain ambience and sense of style. Even a small, inexpensive fixture can make a big impression.

In the past, people bought lamps and used them forever. Today, more people are routinely buying lamps to update their decór -- much like one would buy a new set of bed linens or pillows. The beauty of lamps today is just the extraordinary variety of style. Lighting professionals recommend that you have a minimum of three lamps per room to create a nice triangle of light.

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EXPERT ADVICE: Want more home lighting ideas? Ask a professional. 

Most of my lights are on dimmers, but I have not found a CFL that will dim, and if I use a CFL in a fixture that has a dimmer, it hums. Are a halogen incandescent bulbs usable with dimmers?
                                                                     - Nancy A.

There are CFLs available that can be dimmed, but they are more expensive than standard CFL bulbs. All of the halogen bulbs can be dimmed in the sme way as an incandescent bulb. If you are dimming halogen bulbs, it is recommended that you turn them to full output for a brief moment every few weeks.

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